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Welcome to the Fredrick E. Russell Investment Management Company.

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Welcome to the Fredrick E. Russell Investment Management Company.


Fredric E. Russell
Investment Management Co.

Utica Place Tower
2200 South Utica Place, Suite 430
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

Phone: (918) 743-5959
E-mail: contact@ferimc.com

The Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. is a money management firm serving clients since 1987.

Our experience, our passion, and our edge, we believe, is managing positions in common stocks, digging deep to discover what is important but often misunderstood about the publicly traded companies that comprise the portfolios we manage for our clients. To figure out what is misunderstood or unknown can be financially rewarding. When choosing our investments, we prefer to listen to our own voice and ignore the noise of the crowd. Our job is to dig deep to discover information that is valuable but not widely recognized.

Many firms in the financial services industry claim to be money managers or investment managers. The question is: do these firms actually research, do they read extensively company filings such as the annual 10-K report required to be filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. or do these firms merely recommend mutual funds, other money managers, and sellers of sundry products such as life insurance contracts. Often the latter is the case and so the client not only pays two levels of fees but does not get communication directly from the firm that is doing the research. At our firm we visit and talk with senior management of publicly traded companies and we attempt to distill the essence of these conversations in our Investment Letters. We are on the front lines of the daily battle for investment survival and success.

Our firm takes pride in offering our clients not only a creative approach to making money, but impeccable customer service as well. We know our clients are busy, intelligent professionals, who enjoy learning about how we make money for them but who do not have time to decipher obtuse tables of numbers designed by academics out of touch with the reality of the investment world. With our witty, informative newsletters, we strive not to make things complicated, but to make things simple.

Our record which you can examine, can be found on our web site: www.ferimc.com/record.html.

The Biography of our Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Strategist, Fredric E. Russell, can be found on our web site: www.ferimc.com/team.html.