Retirement Accounts for Small Businesses

  • Company Retirement Account 
    A brokerage account for a company-sponsored retirement plan that allows companies or employee participants to invest and trade their existing retirement plan assets through Schwab. Also known as a pension trust. 
  • Defined Benefit Plan
    A retirement plan designed to provide participants with a specific monthly lifetime benefit amount at retirement. 
  • Individual 401(k) 
    A retirement plan designed for self-employed individuals and owner-only businesses (including corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships) and their spouses. 
  • Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP)
    A Schwab QRP can be established for a variety of businesses (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, etc.). All eligible employees, including business owners, must be participants in the plan. 
  • SEP- IRA 
    A simplified employee pension plan IRA (SEP-IRA) is a retirement plan that allows incorporated or unincorporated businesses (including sole proprietorships) to make deductible contributions to separate IRA accounts for themselves and for each of their eligible employees. 
    A salary deferral retirement plan established by an employer with 100 or fewer employees who received $5,000 or more in compensation in the preceding year.’