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We believe our experience, our passion and our edge is the innovative research we use in order to understand what information is truly important when selecting our investments.

For example, many investors are unaware that Stericycle (NASDAQ: SRCL) one of our holdings, is ten times the size of its nearest competitor. This fact you will not find in any documents that Stericycle has filed; we discovered this in a long conversation with the company's chief executive officer shortly before we took our position in Stericycle at an adjusted price of $23.22 in August of 2004. (As of the close of trading on May 27, 2014, Stericycle stood at $113.05)

What got us interested in Stericycle was nothing complex, but instead an observation made over many days. Watching fellow health club members at the St. John Health Club in Tulsa shave each morning and dispose of their blades and razors in a plastic tub led to this question: which company removed the plastic tubs and subsequently sterilized them, turning them into fine particles of waste? The answer we found, after making a few inquiries at the St. John Health Club, was Stericycle.

In this example, innovative thinking and a fresh perspective on everyday life led to a question, which then led to a profitable investment opportunity. This line of thinking is the foundation upon which we base our business and our investment philosophy.