Welcome to the Fredrick E. Russell Investment Management Company.


Fredric E. Russell
Investment Management Co.

Utica Place Tower
2200 South Utica Place, Suite 430
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

Phone: (918) 743-5959
E-mail: contact@ferimc.com


Key Facts about Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Company.

  • Broker and custodian: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. executes all purchases and sales and holds all client securities.

  • Minimum account size: $250,000

  • Area of specialization: United States common stocks, publicly traded companies whose global headquarters are in the United States. We do not invest in companies whose global headquarters are outside of the United States

  • Portfolios:  At any one time, we hold no more than twenty companies in our portfolio.

Fredric E. Russell Investment Management Co. Assets Under Management

Relationship between client and firm
        Clients sign a limited power of attorney authorizing us to buy and sell securities on their         behalf.

Investment Reporting
        For every investment activity in your account, you will receive next day confirmation from         Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as well as a monthly statement of holdings. We send         performance report at end of calendar year.

        Approximately every two months, Fred puts on his literary battle gear and writes a letter         on a company in the portfolio. He tries hard to make these letters witty and informative,         sometimes he succeeds.

Our Fee Structure

  • Equities: 1.00 percent per annum, billed 0.25 percent every three months.
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $2,500 per annum.

No Conflicts of Interest
        We perform no investment banking services; we perform no brokerage services. We         manage money for our employees and officers using the publicly traded companies that         comprise the portfolios that we manage for our clients.

Comparison with Hedge Funds
        We are not a hedge fund. We do not go short, borrow money to take positions or invest in         financial derivatives of any kind.

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